Hospital Introduction

Greetings from the Director

The Ehime University Faculty of Medicine opened in 1973, and this was followed three years later, in October 1976, by the opening of Ehime University Hospital. The hospital, which started out with 15 departments and 320 beds, has, over the last 40 years, become a hospital which provides treatment which is firmly rooted in the region; the core hospital in Ehime Prefecture with an ethos of “give back to the patient what has been learned from the patient”. The hospital has developed in leaps and bounds – it now has 23 departments, 38 central care facilities, 626 beds, and a total staff complement of just under 2000 people, with more than 500 doctors and around 700 nurses, all working hard to provide top-class care.

The aims of Ehime University Hospital are ① to be a hospital which is trusted and loved by the people of Ehime, ② to train medical professionals who see things from the point of view of the patient, and ③ to create medical expertise which was first nurtured in Ehime and is then able to spread its wings around the world. We treat our patients with friendship and compassion rather than deference because in order to cure an illness the doctor and patient must see things from the same perspective and face the illness in a spirit of cooperation. We provide patients with top-class medical treatment, but the patient’s eagerness and cooperation, and the understanding of the patient’s family are essential for making the treatment even more effective.

In order to achieve our first target, of being a hospital both trusted and loved by the people of Ehime, we must provide medical treatment which is not only the newest and the best, but also safe and secure. It is to this end that we implement a range of systematic initiatives to provide safe, patient-centered medical treatment. All medical staff work to improve their skills every day, in addition to which incidents are reported on and information is shared, medical mishap prevention policies are rigidly adhered to, medical mishaps are dealt with appropriately, medical safety education and seminars are held, and we have compiled a medical safety management manual.

With regard to our second target, to nurture medical professionals who see things from the perspective of the patient, we don’t stop at simple medical knowledge and techniques attained in under-graduate and graduate studies, we aim to produce medical staff who are endowed with great humanity and insight. An extension of this is our determination to improve patient service, which led us to establish our Consultation Support Center in 2014. The first of its kind in Japan, the center helps provide patients with a pleasant hospital experience, post-discharge follow-up monitoring, and helps to compile a hospitalization and discharge plan, which is in keeping with the wishes of the patient. In other words, we do not simply implement medical treatment techniques, but we involve a wide range of other professions and disciplines to enable the hospital to function as a habitat for the patient and to provide the highest level of care for patients. This initiative is highly regarded throughout the country.

At Ehime University Hospital we intend to work tirelessly for the happiness of our patients and our contribution to the community of the region.

Hiromasa Miura,
Director of Ehime University Hospital