Hospital Introduction

General Information

This is a legally designated Specific Function Hospital.

The hospital is an insurance medical institution and a training and research facility, and therefore medical students and trainee nurses receive practical training in the hospital under the guidance of doctors and nurses. We appreciate your understanding.

Consultation Reception, Opening Hours and Non-Consultations Days

Initial consultations 8:00a.m. – 10:30a.m.
Follow-up consultation By appointment
Clinic opening time 9:00a.m. (initial and follow-up consultations)
Non-Consultations Days Saturday/Sunday/National Holidays/New Year (Dec 29 – Jan 3)

Please comply with the following:

  • Smoking is forbidden in the hospital complex and grounds.
  • Please use mobile phones, PHS mobile phones and other electronic devices in the designated areas only.
  • Please inform the Medical Division customer service desk of any changes in your insurance card, name, address, personal details etc.
  • Wheelchairs are available at the entrance.

Car Park

  • The car park is reserved for outpatients and visitors. Please do not use it when you are hospitalized.


  • If the building needs to be evacuated due to a fire/earthquake etc, please follow the instructions giving by doctors, nurses or hospital employees and please stay calm.
  • The locations of emergency exits will be explained to you by a nurse (when you are admitted). Please be sure you know where they are.
  • Please do not use the elevators in an emergency.