Hospital Introduction

Patient Rights/Please help us do our work

Patient Rights

  • Patients are entitled to receive high quality, appropriate medical care, in an equitable fashion.
  • Patients are entitled to have their condition and all medical treatments explained to them until they understand everything fully.
  • After full explanations by a medical professional, the patient is entitled to select or refuse medical treatment based on his/her free will.
  • Patients are entitled to use the second opinion system if they wish to consult with another doctor after receiving a diagnosis and treatment plan from the attending physician.
  • Patients are entitled to disclosure of information in their medical records regarding their treatment etc.
  • Personal data and privacy are respected, and in all situations patients are to be treated with respect as human beings.
  • As this is a teaching/research hospital, patients may be asked to permit details of their diagnosis and treatment to be used for teaching/research. Patients are entitled to decline such requests.
  • Patients are welcome to put forward suggestions and give feedback about the hospital, and may discuss their treatment/nursing care.

Please help us do our work

  • Please inform the doctor as soon and as precisely as possible if there is any change in your health/medical condition.
  • Please consent to tests/medical treatment after receiving sufficient explanations and understanding the situation fully.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask if there are things you are not sure about or things you find hard to understand.
  • It will benefit your medical treatment and prevent undesirable outcomes if you write down or memorize in other ways the most important things the doctor tells you.
  • Please cooperate with the doctors and proactively take part in medical treatment.
  • Please understand that this is a university hospital which undertakes training and research.
    (Medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students, dental hygienists, physiotherapy trainees, human nutrition trainees, emergency medical trainees etc. receive practical training in the hospital. Please cooperate with these training activities as they are carried out under the supervision of doctors, nurses and teachers and due attention is paid to the protection of personal data.)
  • Patients may be refused treatment if they use violence, threatening language or hinder the work of the doctors in any way.
  • To make care safer, please give your full name when receiving any kind of treatment.