What to do while you are in hospital

  • Please ask the doctors and nurses if you have any questions about your condition, tests and treatment. Your attending physician will give you a treatment plan when you are admitted.
  • Certain procedures are required if you wish to go outside or be away from the hospital overnight. Please inform a doctor or nurse about your wish and get permission before you leave.
  • Certain procedures are required if you wish to leave the hospital complex. (Please do not leave the complex in your pyjamas).
  • Televisions and fridges (card operated) are available. Please refrain from bringing your own. Televisions can be used for ¥50 per hour, fridges for ¥150 per day. Cards can be purchased for ¥1,000 from the vending machine in the meeting corner.
  • Please use earphones when watching television or listening to the radio. (Earphones can be purchased in the hospital shop). Please refrain from bringing in other electrical appliances (electric blankets etc).
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire hospital complex and grounds.
  • Please pay attention to fire prevention rules.
  • Except in emergencies, people should not telephone the hospital and ask for the call to be put through to a patient.
  • Mobile phones should only be used in the designated areas in each building as they may affect medical devices.
  • There is a public telephone on each floor of Buildings 1 and 2.
  • Letters sent to patients should be addressed as follows: Name, X Department, X Floor, X Building.
  • Coin operated washing machines are available in each building and at the south side of Ai-ai Convenience.
Location of coin operated washing machines Operating times
South side of Hospital shop “Ai-ai Convenience” (Mon-Fri)7:00~21:00
(Sat/Sun/National Holidays)
(New Year)9:30~16:00
  • Lights-out is at 9:00p.m. You may use your reading light after lights-out.
  • You may be asked to change rooms due to your condition, gender balance etc.
  • If you wish to use the internet in the hospital (cable only), please go to the “General Reception ⑤ Admissions” to complete the necessary forms.
    Please use your own computer and connection cables.
  • Please inform the doctor or nurse if you wish to move into a special room (room incurring an extra charge).
    This will incur a charge which is not covered by insurance.
    (Different numbers and types of special rooms are available in each building)
Type Rate Building 1 Building 2 Specification
Special Room A \19,440 1 1 Bath, toilet, washbasin, crockery cabinet, chest of drawers, lounge suite, mini-kitchen (sink, refrigerator, electromagnetic cooker), electric adjustable bed, television, bedside cabinet
Special Room B \6,480 Toilet, washbasin, refrigerator, locker, sofa-bed, electric adjustable bed, cabinet mounted with television (card operated).
Special Room C \4,320 None Toilet, washbasin, locker, sofa, electric adjustable bed, cabinet mounted with television (card operated).

Note: Room rates include consumption tax. As of April 2015

  • It is strictly forbidden for staff members to accept tokens of appreciation from patients.


  • Breakfast is served at、lunch at, and dinner at
  • You may be given permission to have your meals in the tea room. We recommend that you carry your utensils (chopsticks, spoon, teacup etc) in a bag
  • For lunch and dinner, please select either menu A or B.
  • Special meals are provided according to our patients’ condition. Please do not bring food and drinks into the hospital.
  • Please ask a doctor or nurse to pass on to the Nutrition Department any questions you may have about the food or nutrition advice etc.
  • We promote the ethos of local production for local consumption. All ingredients are safe and fresh.
  • Special menus
    A special menu, displayed on the notice board in each building, is provided for lunch and dinner every Friday.※A surcharge of ¥1,000 is applicable.


  • Depending on your condition, you may be able to have a relative with you during the day. Please ask a doctor or the clinical nurse manager.