What to pack for your stay

You should have the following items with you when you are admitted to hospital.

Please bring the following items. (Items can also be purchased in the hospital shop)

Toothbrush, soap, shampoo, hairbrush, electric shaver, washbowl etc
(※Please note that items with sharp blades, such as razors, knives, scissors, nail clippers etc, and cigarette lighters are forbidden)
(2) Utensils (tea is always served with meals)
Chopsticks, spoon, teacup, drinking cup etc
(3) Other everyday items
Underwear, towel, bath towel, tissues, detergent etc
Footwear (comfortable shoes which do not slip. Please do not bring slippers or sandals).
(4) Your name should be inscribed on all items, including stationery,


(1) Futon mattresses are provided by the hospital. Please do not bring in futon mattresses and blankets to prevent cross-contamination.
(2) Pyjamas can be rented for ¥72 per day. Please inform the reception if you wish to avail of this service.
(Pyjamas are changed 3 times a week in summer and twice a week in winter)
(3) Sheets are changed once a week.


(1) Please bring with you any medication you are currently taking, medical devices and nutritional supplements.


(1) Given the large numbers of people going in and out of the hospital, as an antitheft measure, please do not bring valuables and large amounts of cash.
(There is a Post Office and ATM cash machine in the hospital).

Items required for admission procedures

(1) Patient card, insurance card, Warranty for hospitalization expenses, personal seal, claimant certification etc.


(1) Items the doctor or nurse asked you to bring.