Admission procedures

  • If you are scheduled to be hospitalized, the relevant department will inform you of the date by telephone or letter.
  • On the day, please come to the hospital by the time communicated to you, proceed to “General Reception ⑤ Admission” and complete admission procedures.
  • Items you will need for completing admission procedures:
(1)Patient card (IC Card)
(2)Insurance card
(3)Warranty for hospitalization expenses
(4)Personal seal
(5)Treatment card (if applicable)
(6)Certificate of medical expense limitation (for under 70s). ※Prior to admission, please complete all necessary procedures required by your insurance company.
  • Please inform the receptionist if you are entitled to publicly assisted medical treatment, such as Medicaid, public healthcare for disabled children, rehabilitation, specific child chronic diseases etc.
  • Please inform the receptionist if you were involved in a car accident or were injured at work.
  • Please inform the outpatients section of the relevant department if you wish to cancel your hospitalization.
  • ※Please inform the “General Reception ⑤ Admission” as soon as possible if any changes or renewals have been made to your insurance card or claimant certification, or if there is any insurance procedure pending at the time of admission.

Discharge Procedures

  • The medical team (doctors and nurses) will take care of all document related procedures.
  • You will receive an invoice for hospitalization charges on the day you are discharged. Please pay at the automatic payment machine or at the “General Reception ④Payment”.
    Please note that, due to administrative procedure, you may receive invoices for other charges after you are discharged.
  • If fees are due to be calculated after you are discharged or if you cannot pay on the day you are discharged, please sign a statement of unpaid medical fees and a payment promissory note.
  • Please do not forget your patient card, your follow-up appointment ticket and medications etc. Please make sure to empty your locker, room cabinet, etc… before you leave the hospital.