Medical Examinations

Outpatient Consultations


Clinic Opening Hours

Initial consultation 8:00-10:30 a.m.
By appointment
commence at
9 a.m. (initial and follow-up examinations)
Non-consultation days Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, New Year period (12/29-1/3)

Fee for initial consultation (partly charged to patients)

  • We are designated as a Specific Function Hospital.
  • Patients coming for an initial consultation without a referral from a doctor in another facility will be charged the part of consultation fee of ¥5,400 (not covered by the insurance). Please bring a referral letter if possible.

Examination Procedure (insurance card etc)

  • atients arriving for their initial examination: present your insurance card at the “General Reception ① initial examination” desk.
    (When no card is presented the fees will be paid by the patient)
  • If you are coming for follow-up examinations, your insurance card will be checked when fees are calculated atthe first visit in each calendar month.
    If the insurance card has been changed in any way, it should be presented at the “General Reception ② Follow-up Visits” desk, together with your patient card (IC card).
  • Please inform the “General Reception ② Follow-up Visits” desk of any changes in your personal details (name, address etc).
  • Designated forms are handed to the patient. After filling them out, please hand them in together with your Patient Card (IC Card) .
  • If you are entitled to public health cover (work accidents, civil servants disease and accident insurance, patients with serious disabilities, mothers with children, infants etc), please present your certificate of entitlement together with your insurance card.
  • If you are attending a high-cost outpatients consultation, please submit a “Certificate of Eligibility for Payment Limit”. The fee you will be charged will then not exceed the set ceiling. (Please contact your insurance company for details).

Patient Card (IC Card)

  • Patient cards (IC cards) are valid in all departments.
    Please keep your card in a safe place and be sure to bring it with you when you come to the hospital.
  • Please store your patient card (IC card) away from magnetic fields.
  • A fee of ¥216 will apply for reissuing a card.

Procedure for Follow-up consultations

  • Patients attending a follow-up consultation should check in at the automatic follow-up check in machine.
    When you touch your patient card onto the screen you will receive a check in ticket which you should put in your file (outpatient payment form) and then submit to the reception in the relevant department.
    For details please see the “Examination Process” section.

On arrival at the relevant department

  • Please submit your file (outpatient payment form) to the reception in the relevant department and wait in the waiting room until your name or number is called. (Please inform the reception if you will be away from your seat during the waiting time and the receptionist will arrange for you to be called through a PHS portable phone).
  • Please inform the nurse if you feel unwell while you are waiting to see the doctor.


  • After your consultation, please submit your file (outpatient fee ticket) and your patient card (IC card) to the “General Reception ③ Fee Calculation”.
    You will then be given a numbered payment ticket (and if necessary, a non-hospital prescription and a follow-up appointment ticket).
  • When your ticket number appears on the display screen, please pay the required fee at the automatic payment machine or at the “General Reception ④ Payment”. If you do not have to pay a fee, please be sure not to skip this step to ensure that you are issued a receipt and that your account is updated.
  • Please keep all receipts in a safe place as they cannot be reissued. (A fee of ¥2,160 is charged for issuing an official receipt).
  • If you do not require a detailed consultation fee statement, please select the correct option on the automatic payment machine or inform the “General Reception ④ Payment”.


  • If a medication claim ticket number is printed on your receipt, please proceed to the hospital pharmacy reception.
  • When your ticket number appears on the display screen, please give your ticket to the medication desk to receive your medication.
  • If you are given a non-hospital prescription, please go to the health insurance pharmacy outside the hospital to receive your medication. For details please go to the “Non-hospital Prescription Information Corner” next to the outpatient hall pharmacy.