Medical Examinations

First Visit Reception Open 8:00–10:30 a.m.
Revisit Reception By reservation only
Examination Start Time 9:00 a.m. (for First Visit and Revisit)
Closed Sat., Sun., nat’l holidays, New Year holiday period (Dec. 29–Jan. 3)
  • 初診受付
  • 午前8時00分~午前10時30分
  • 再診受付
  • 予約制となっております。
  • 診療開始時間
  • 午前9時(初診・再診)
  • 休診日
  • 土・日・祝日・年末年始

Additional Fees on First Visit

  • l  Ehime University Hospital is designated as an “advanced treatment hospital.”
  • Patients who come in for their first examination without a doctor’s letter of introduction (shokaijo) from another medical facility will be charged an extra fee of ¥7,700 in addition to normal examination fees. If possible, please obtain a letter of introduction from your doctor before coming in for examination.

Medical Examinations

1. Examination-related Procedures (Health Insurance, etc.)

First-time patients

Present your health insurance card at General Reception Desk 1 “First Visit”. (Patients who do not provide a health insurance card will be responsible for paying 100% of examination/medical costs.)

Patients returning for follow-up examinations

For purposes of confirmation during payment processing, present your health insurance card if it is your first visit for the current month.

Patients whose health insurance card has changed

Present your new health insurance card along with your smartcard-type patient registration card (shinsatsu-ken) at General Reception desk 2 “Revisit”.

Patients whose address, name and/or other information has changed

Inquire at General Reception desk 2 “Revisit”.
The hospital staff will provide a form for you to fill out; complete this form and submit it along with your smartcard-type patient registration card (shinsatsu-ken).

  • l  Patients who qualify for public medical cost support (workplace accident coverage, public welfare assistance, severe mental/physical handicap assistance, child-rearing support, special aid for children, etc.) are asked to submit the relevant certificate(s), handbook(s) (techo) and/or documentation along with their health insurance card.
  • l  For patients who undergo high-cost outpatient examinations/treatments, costs will be limited to the designated maximum amount if you present a Certificate of Maximum Patient Medical Payment Amount (Gendogaku Tekiyo Ninteisho) during payment processing. (For more information on this system, please contact your insurance company.)

Patient Registration Card (Smartcard Format)

  • l  Smartcard-type patient registration cards (shinsatsu-ken) are used in all Hospital departments. Please keep your card in a safe place and bring it when coming in for an examinations or treatment.
  • l  Avoid keeping your smartcard-type patient registration card in locations subject to magnetic forces.
  • l  A fee of ¥220 will is required to reissue a patient registration card.

Revisit Procedures

Reception for patients coming in for a follow-up examination or treatment is carried out via automated reception machines. Touch your patient registration card (shinsatsu-ken) to the automated reception machine’s reader, place the automatically issued reception form (uketsuke-hyo) in your file / outpatient payment form (gairai kanja ryokinhyo), and take these directly at the reception desk of the appropriate department. For further details, refer to the Reception Process on the webpage.


2. Individual Department Reception

  • l  Present your file / outpatient payment form (gairai kanja ryokinhyo) at the appropriate department’s reception desk and wait in the waiting area until your name or number is called.
    (A PHS can be used if you need to step away from the waiting area or have a long waiting time. Please ask at the department’s reception desk if you wish to request this device.)

  • l  If you begin to feel ill or otherwise unwell while waiting for your turn, please inform a nurse.


  • l  Once your examination is finished, bring your file / outpatient payment form (gairai kanja ryokinhyo) and smartcard-type patient registration card (shinsatsu-ken) to General Recption desk 3 “Accounting”. You will receive a number while your payment is being calculated. Patients who require a prescription form for an outside pharmacy or a follow-up examination reservation form will also receive them at this time.
  • l  When your number is displayed on the screen, complete your payment at an automated payment machine or at General Reception desk 4 “Payment”. Even patients who are not required to pay anything will receive an official receipt at this stage, so please complete the payment process.
  • l  Make sure to keep careful track of your receipt, as it will not be reissued. A medical receipt certification form (ryoshusho shomeisho) can be issued for an additional fee of ¥2,200.
  • l  If you do not require a detailed statement of hospital fees (iryohi meisaisho), please indicate so on the automated payment machine or at General Reception desk 4 “Payment” during the payment process.

Patients with Prescriptions

  • l  If your receipt includes a prescription ticket number, please proceed to the hospital’s Division of Pharmacy.
  • l  When your prescription ticket number is shown on the display screen, bring your receipt containing the number to the Division of Pharmacy to receive your medicine.
  • l  For patients who have received a prescription form for use at an outside pharmacy, pick up your medicine at a health-insurance-covered pharmacy outside the hospital. For more information, inquire at the outpatient area’s Extramural Prescription.